Here's a thing I wrote for Decibel Magazine. They had me review some metal bands.


My man Phil Stamato wrote a piece about my CC half hour special, and getting started in comedy. Not me at my best, was a little hungover for this one.


Hey, the people at AXS interviewed me about comedy stuff. Hopefully, these answers are consistent with the other ones.


The fine folks at the Interrobang had me write up a thing to promote my album "Dream Occupation."


Sean McCarthy wrote an article about me for his website. Nice guy, does good work. 


The great Phil Provencio wrote an article about where I live, and when I gave my girlfriend away to a bird. His photos make me look like a respectable human being.


Hey, I was in the NY Times talking about 50 First Jokes. There's a picture of me in article, my Mom said I look handsome but she's biased.


Here's a link to an article written by Ryan Matera, his writing makes me seem way smarter than I am.


Here's a link to an article written by the great Amy Hawthorne about my comedy.